Yogdham – Our Base Branch


Yogdham is located in the city of Rohtak, a tier-2 city, about 1.5-2 hours from Delhi.  We are the one of the very few facilities in the world, and the only one in the city  which provides the experience of studying and practicing yoga, functional training,  dance and martial arts under the same umbrella.  

We have a fully functional gym and a state-of-the-art Yoga Shala which can  comfortably accommodate over 25 students and enough props to support different  types of yoga such as hatha, Iyengar, yin and vinyasa, along with a martial arts dojo  and dance studio with options of indoor and outdoor training areas. 

When our lead teacher Veer brought the concept of Yogdham to Rohtak, there was  no precedented example of how a school which emphasised on movement and   

community would function in a city where these concepts were virtually unheard of.  However, 3 year down the line we have created a mark on the city.  

Currently, we have over 70 students enrolled with us, with over 60 students walking  in everyday for classes. We have over 8 classes (both privates and group) peppered  throughout the day.  

Our students come from all walks of life, the youngest being 7 years old to oldest  being 62 years old. Many of our students come to us with severe pains, injuries and  ailments and report a considerable improvement in their condition with just joining  our regular group classes.

We have students who are with us since the day Yogdham  opened its doors and in fact many of them are teachers with us. We also have several  families joining the community. They all follow the Yogarambha program modified 

for their special needs.