Our Team

Veer -Yogarambha Lead Teacher


Veer is the lead teacher and founder of the Yogarambha Method. He grew up watching  his grandfather and great-grandfather practicing yoga well into their advanced age, learning and mastering the kriyas and techniques at a very early age. 

After pursuing a successful career as Flight Instructor and Rescue Scuba Diver trainer in Philippines,  Veer who was by then battling several of the ailments we see today from a deficit lifestyle, decided to take up yoga full time. 

He studied the vinyasa yoga method and Pranayama under his teachers Dominic  Renucci and Ramaswamy who are currently some of the leading authorities on the Vinyasa system that comes from Krishnamacharya’s tradition in Mysore.

The holes  he found in yoga due to lack of preparation of body, he filled using Functional  training from Jay Mac of Crossfit and Kettlebell – Barbell training from Stayfit  community developing later on his own concoction of what works best for himself and his students in terms of energy levels and effectiveness.

Later adding Ancient  Indian Kasrat techniques from akharas in Varanasi and Haryana proceeding to be  one of the very few Indians certified by Rik Brown to teach Mace in India.

He later added another crucial element for neuromuscular coordination and skill by studying  SKC and FMA Kali under Shifu Kanishka Sharma. 

Claire - Yogarambha Instructor


Claire is a passionate Vinyasa Yoga practitioner and SKC Balintawak head of  India under Shifu Kanishka Combative  


Before she became part of the Yogarambha team, she was a full-time 

nurse. She did her first trainings with Dominic Renucci in Philippines and studied conditioning and pranayama under Veer for over 10 years.  

Being a mother of two, she is extremely empathetic towards the difficulties faced  by women in India both prenatal and postnatal. She specialises in post-natal yoga  and conditioning helping women get back to their health after giving birth using yoga, functional training and Thai Yoga Massage.  

She is also a practicing martial artist representing India in Kali convention in  Philippines training under Shifu Kanishka in SKC and Nicomedes Elizar in  Nickelstick Balintawak Eskrima.

Priyanka - Yogarambha Instructor


Priyanka started her journey as ‘Yoga Acharya' traditional Hatha Yoga, from Sivananda Yoga tradition. She is 500 hours trained teacher from  

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram  in Kerala.

Post her course, she spent a year  travelling to ashrams in Madurai, Uttarkashi  

and Kerala, studying and teaching pranayama and hatha yoga in numerous teacher trainings and practicing under different teachers. 

She then studied vinyasa yoga under Dominic Renucci. Currently she practices  vinyasa yoga, Kasrat and Shifu Kanishka Combative.

Priyanka and Claire lead the women Empowerment Program of Yogarambha method. 

She has been studying the sastras (traditional scriptures) under her teacher Swami  Parmarthananda Saraswati and Ravi Easwaran of Advaita Vedanta lineage for over 5 years which is her primary passion along with a strong focus on mantras and  chanting. 


Devesh - Yogarambha Instructor


Devesh was one of the first students to join Veer when he returned to India. He has been training consistently under him since then. With a diploma in Yogic Science from the prestigious institution MDU in Rohtak, Devesh manages the Yogarambha programs that are organised outside of our home base. He later went on to study pranayama under Ramaswamy from Krishnamacharya tradition.
His focus on energy and healing led him to study and immerse himself in the therapy module of our program. Devesh has thoroughly studied and continuously practices Thai yoga massage and Toksen. He specialises in sound healing in which he uses the healing properties of sounds through crystal bowls and tibetan healing water bowls to bring the body and mind in a state of balance. He currently leads the Yogarambha chapter in Rishikesh.

Apart from the core teachers, we have several others who are an integral part of our  team. We have physiotherapists who handle the severe injury and movement impaired cases we receive; we have meditation pranayama teachers and teachers  who specialise in kids.