1.  Yoga

1. Spinal Movements  

Simple & effective movements to free the spine. A set routine to relieve from  the ill effects of gravity and bad postural habits on spine 

• Covers all basic spine movements 

• Decompresses the upper, middle and lower spine 

• Improves spine mobility and maintains disc health throughout the adult  life 

Priyanka doing hast Vinyasa

2. Primal movements 

What makes us human? Understanding the primal movement patterns  performed by humans for creating any and all efforts. Applying these  functional lines of efficient effort. We’d learn how to stitch all primal  movements together to create a movement flow 

• Compensates the effects of a sedentary lifestyle 

• Improved mobility throughout the body 

• Improves performance in sports and other activities

Priyanka doing Primal Movements

3. Vinyasa yoga – Surya Namaskar (3 positions of Hip) 

A simple sequence of postures done with breath coordination in vinyasa  method, to form a complete practice that can be done every day for vitality and  strength. In this part of our program, we will Understand the yoga postures  through three hip positions and using it to create a sequence that  compensates our modern sedentary lifestyle. We will further apply this to  safely move into the yoga postures. 

• Flushes toxins from the body 

• Generates Heat in the body and improves circulation  

• Aids in recovery and rejuvenation 

• Stress response regulation 

• Fat loss and weight management 

• Increases hip mobility and stability 

• Enables the student to understand how the body functions and the best  way to use it in asana sequencing 

Priyanka doing 3 hip positions

4. Pranayama – Breath conditioning  

Unlocking the potential of breath for health and longevity. Learning about  the breath and body connection in strength and power production.  

• Breathing exercises to manage stress in daily life. 

• Calms the mind and prepares it meditation 

• Strengthens / conditions stress response  

• Improved concentration and focus 

• Improves temperament of the student making them more cooperative and  easy going 

• Cultivates a deeper understanding and appreciation of yoga

Veer doing Pranayama and hast mudras

2. Bodywork & Therapy

Drawing primarily from the Thai yoga massage and Toksen along with sports  myofascial release and spinal manipulation, our massage system is used as a part  of therapy. Myofascial release can help switch off protective pattern of muscle that  restrict the involvement of right muscle groups and re-establish right movement 

patterns. When used in tandem with yoga and strength building exercises, Toksen and bodywork can accelerate recovery and healing from injuries and build strength  in a very harmonious way.  

Apart from the recovery aspect of these techniques, a very crucial aspect remains  rejuvenation of mind and cleaning of energy lines to create vitality.  

• Cleans the energy lines  

• Establishes correct musculoskeletal synergy and movement patterns

• Aids recovery from injuries / strain 

• Beneficial in chronic pain due to wrong posture or lack of movement

• Opens up postures to support asanas and pranayama

Yogarambha - Toksen

Along with physical bodywork, we also incorporate nada yoga or psychic energy  cleaning and vibrational therapy into our program. Using on one side Tibetan singing  bowl and on other Vedic mantras chanting, we cleanse Nadis and allows the energy  to flow unhindered thus accelerating the body’s healing process.  

Using an amalgamation of Nada Chikitsa and Meditation we retrain the mind and  help it break free from fixed thought patterns. Sound therapy switches on the body’s  natural healing mechanism enabling it to fight off the diseases and rediscover health.  

Sound Healing is especially beneficial for Mental and psychosomatic disorders like  Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Addiction. Vibrational therapy whether in form of  Toksen or Sound healing works directly on the cellular level relaxing the tissues and  organs bringing them in harmony with the universal vibration. 

Devesh doing Sound meditation - Yogarambha Studio



1. Yoga for Strength

1. Vyayama and Kasrat 

Using a unique mixture of yoga Kriyas and Kasrat. Ancient exercise  techniques used by the Great Gamma and Dara Singh; we tap into the  strength principles of our ancestors. Traditional strength and endurance  through a set of well researched kriyas. 

This program will target and improve all aspects of health and vitality like  cardiovascular health, stamina, strength, mobility, agility, balance and  coordination.  

• Improved strength and stamina  

• Better performance in sports and activities 

• Muscle strengthening leading to positive hormonal stimulation • Helps counteract obesity, Lethargy and aids optimum organ and bone  development 

• Fun activity-based learning for developing a cooperative team player  personality

2. Mobility Work/ Yoga stretch  

Using the principles of active stretching from sports physiology, this  sequence will help improve muscle tone, flexibility and mobility. 

• Improved mobility and flexibility 

• Effective cool down after sports and exercise 

• Restorative, can be used for active recovery

Mace training, Vyayam, Kasrat, Ancient Strength systems - Yogarambha, Yogdham

2. Kasrat for Athletes

In our town, we have a rather large number of athletes. Dealing with this  special group requires a very different approach to exercise and yoga. Though  an average athlete is very active, we have found several loopholes in their  training program which can be very comfortably filled using Yogarambha  method. Though an athlete may train anywhere from 4-6 hours in his/her  skill, they hardly devote proportional quality time to condition for their sport.  Therefore, we see several athletes who injure themselves as they progress in  their game. We also see a large number of them hitting a plateau, unable to  up their game as they don’t fully understand their body’s movement integration mechanics. 

In the athlete’s program, we have superior mobility and fascial rewiring  techniques along with powerful breathing correction to help active recovery  and superior power production. Our drills help create better hand-eye  coordination in non-contact sports like tennis and high sensitivity and touch  recognition in sports like wrestling. 

• Superior strength training – both segmental and integration

• Customised Gada, Mudgal and Kasrat program to suit athletes needs

• Customised yoga stretches and mobility program to aid active recovery

• Sensitivity drills from shaolin Kungfu and wing chun (SKC) to develop reaction rate 

• Agility and coordination training 

• Power strike training with sticks (Filipino martial arts) and mace flow  vinyasas



1. Shifu Kanishka Combative (SKC)

A clever combination of 7 martial arts by one of India’s most skilled martial  arts expert, Shifu Kanishka Sharma. SKC brings the best techniques from  different fight systems like shaolin kung fu, Muay Thai, Filipino martial art  kali etc, merging it into a system that can be learned easily by anyone. In  today’s increasingly threatening world, self-defence and street survival is an  essential skill to have. 

• Improved Neuromuscular coordination 

• Increased speed and agility 

• Better mind body coordination and focus that leads to improved memory

• Practical application and enhanced reaction time. Can be applied in real time situations if need arises

Kali, SKC - Shifu Kanishka Combatives at Yogarambha

2. Wilderness Survival Camps

Inspired from the Japanese concepts of Shinrin Yoku – forest bathing, our  wilderness camps help the participants reconnect with nature. We lead treks,  camping trips and wildlife spotting trips in Indian Himalayas to encourage  students to disconnect from the online world and find joy in simple living.  

• Build strength endurance through trekking 

• Teach basic survival and life skills like pitching a tent, first aid and other  mountain survival tactics 

• Develop team spirit, cooperation and encourage collaboration among peers 

• Rejuvenate the body mind sense complex 

• Develop deep appreciation of nature  

• Encouraging sustainable simple living in harmony with environment




1. Annapurna – Growing our own food

A short permaculture course in the lap of Himalayas to allow the modern farmers to  explore the options of growing a partially self-sustaining food forest in their urban  dwelling. Annapurna, brings together a group of experts from across the country,  who are passionate about leaving a positive imprint on the earth. Using organic  homegrown techniques suitable for Indian terrain and climate pocket, our  permaculture course helps provide practical solution to those who want to start  making the shift from highly market driven consumption of food and produce to a  self-sustained off the grid living.  

• Create awareness about how our food choices affect the environment

• Learning to nourish the body in tandem with yoga and Kasrat practices

• Practical approach to creating a food forest in the urban living

• Connecting with soil and understanding how food is grown – develop a  deeper appreciation of the nature 

• Inculcate gratitude and joy through simple living

2. Samahritta – one world philosophy

The program is a sustainable living and waste management program developed as a  direct result of our treks in Himalayas. Our team is often overwhelmed by the simple  self-sufficient lives of the mountain dwellers. They make do with minimum consumer  products and more often than not unaware that there is a highly cut throat fast  paced life just on the other side of their valley.  

We try and promote programs like eco – tourisms, support local artisans by helping  them with marketing and sales and language transfer and help waste management  and recycling of garbage left behind by tourists. Most of the villages / camps we  target are off-beat some so remote, they see a foot fall of not more than 100 tourists  a year.  

• Experience the contentment of simple living without phones and media  access 

• Social responsibility of giving back to the society 

• Cultural immersion in the mountain life – a first-hand understanding of  their tough life 

• Perfect place to research water, soil and forest management as resources are  limited 



1. Samatvam – Inner balance program

A very special program that focuses on studying the scriptures of yoga and Vedanta  philosophy. Three-fold process of Sravananam – listening or studying of the  Scriptures in a systematic way under the guidance of an Acharya, Mananam – contemplating the meaning and clearing of doubts with regard to what is studied  (conviction) and Nititdhhyasanam – regular meditation of the slokas and sutras  aimed at purity of mind in which the self-knowledge can be reflected.  

The course enables seekers to immerse themselves in an environment conducive for  their self – exploration, providing them with tools to turn the extrovert mind inwards.