Yogarambha Online Studio


A online extention of the yogarambha method, our online portal hosts a variety of online group classes, specilised private groups, online courses covering a wide variety of topics pertaining to our 5 pillars for students of all levels.


Why Yogarambha online studio?


We often find that some of our most dedicated students are unable to take exclusive and prolonged time out from their busy schedules to visit our home base and study with us. Removing the geographical restrictions from our teaching and courses us attain an important goal; making movement accessbile to all no matter what their commitments or schedules are.

 Another important factor is the sustainability of the classes, having the opportunity to practice regularly from the comfort of our own home ensures we can personalise and harmonize our practice and consequently our life better, thus sustaining the practice throughout the life.

Why are we effective?

Yogarambha online Zoom Class

We believe in enabling the students to practice not just with the guidance of the teacher but also on their own time. With extensive research and experimentation, our method has been evolved to include comprehensive & psychosomatic cues and very simple yet effective instructions that allow us to correct the faulty movement patters and effort lines with words without physically correcting the students. This techniques is more effective as the students understand the correct pattern and are able to replicate it easily.

Our state of art streaming centre ensures that the interactive classes are clearly streamed in HD along with clean audio, giving students a complete immersive experience along with one of a kind teaching method.

What do we offer?


Yogarambha online Studio currently offers the following facets.


Yogarambha Strength Series
5 days/week

A group class based module guided by yogarambha selfcare, strength and safety outline. This program is a fusion of Yoga, modern functional training, vedic vyayam and martial arts in form of a progressive group. This group has interactive classes 5 times a week along with access to a vast resource of tutorials, workout of the day, movement capsules and much more.

Yogarambha Courses

Spread across 2-5 weekends, the courses are a perfect opportunity to learn and grow our self practice. The topics of these courses are varied ranging from yoga essentials, vinyasa flow foundations, Pranayama and Dhyana to Agility, balance,

co-ordination training.


Yogarambha Master Classes

A 2-4 hour master class for those who have done a course / workshop with us and are looking for a challenging practice. This master class is perfect to polish the previous knowledge and add some more fun filled elements to your toolkit.
Usually conducted by the entire Yogarambha team together, these classes are internally spilt strategically to help beginners and advanced students simultaneously play with a variety of movement complex safely.

Yogarambha Teacher Development

A request based program to help teachers develop skills and improve teaching skills.  We breakdown the Why of yoga and understand the underlying principles of traditional and modern yoga and how to work within the framework to grow in our practice.

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Yogarambha Specialized Skill Classes

For those passionate to learn a particular skill such as Mace/Gada Training, Dumb bell/kettlebell flow, clubs/mudgal flow, advanced Pranayama/Tummo Meditation, Martial Arts and other specific skills, yogarambha skill series is special group of like minded students coming together. The group is learning experience and works on a course module, depending on the skill in question, the course may take 1-6 months with personalised guidance and self effort.


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I have been learning with Veer, Priyanka and Claire through Yogarambha Online Studio. Great, compassionate movers, strong focus on the fundamentals and understanding body mechanics, primal movements, Mace training, Ancient Strength methods - Kasrat, Gada flow... 

Its amazing how the mind and body has opened up so much to the message that movement is an art and has unlimited forms of expression :)

— Jinali.

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