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Registered under Yoga Alliance (RYT 200), this training is the flagship program of the  Yogarambha method. Evolved over a decade through meticulous observations and  recalibration, this YTT includes a comprehensive teaching of all the relevant aspect  of a technically sound, anatomically safe and meditatively progressive a yoga  practice.  

This intensive course not only covers the generic aspects of being a yoga teacher such as practice, teaching methodology, anatomy and physiology but also safety and  first-aid protocol for eventualities and modifying the Yogarambha method for  prenatal-postnatal students. 

Designed for those who are already practicing and benefiting from our programs, this  is an essential stepping stone to become one of our instructors and teach  Yogarambha method.



The urban man is more and more disconnected from the self and nature. Aranya is  our attempt to reconnect man to nature and enable him to find himself in the  process.

In this nature retreat, we take our students into unspoilt nature trails and camping,  often cutting them off from heavy access to technology or simple things we take for  granted in everyday life such as electricity. They see the joy of a simple life and the  satisfaction in cooking their own meals or making their fire from scratch.  Yogarambha arranges several energy building and immunity boosting activities 

during these retreats as well, such as pranayama and meditation in the lap of nature,  cold bathing and practice of ‘Mouna’ (silence) and self – contemplation.  

Taking away the distractions that make the mind extroverted, the mind is now free to  look within and evolve both emotionally and spiritually.



Women who are involved are women who evolve.  

The Yogarambha program for women uses the backbone of Selfcare, strength and  safety from our core, changing it to completely become entirely women centric. 

The Yogarambha team has recognised three main categories or age groups of women who  need special care, information and programs to help bring out the best in themselves  and bring out the vivacious joyful woman in themselves.  


Samatvam means balance or equanimity in face of the dualities of life.

Inner balance program targets on three aspects of the practice. Firstly, preparing the  body for pranayama and Dhyana which require hours of sitting with a straight back,  a good degree of mobility in body to do the yogic mudras and bandhas needed to  direct prana into the Sushumna Nadi and strong conditioned respiratory muscles for  prolonged kumbhak. Second, we focus on dietary restrictions as derived from ancient  texts modifying it to suit present needs, but essentially a sattvic diet to nourish the body  inside out. Thirdly, we bring in the essential scriptures and sutras to develop Atma 

Vritti or thoughts on the self which are then used to meditate upon the nature of the  Brahman or Purusha.  



Yogarambha residential programs are ideal for those who want to immerse in our  method for a longer duration. Currently we have residential programs at our main  branch Yogdham in Rohtak and Samatvam centre in Rishikesh.  

We have two main options for such programs  

• 1-month residential program 

• 3-month residential program 

• 1-month continual Teacher Development program 

Our residential programs are Inspired from the ashram or gurukul culture of Indian  tradition, where the student lives in the teacher’s ashram, immersing himself  completely in the teacher’s way of life, thus seeing the effectiveness of the program  first hand.  

This program is beneficial for both regular movement practitioners and teachers. As  the program runs parallel with our regular group classes, it gives a bird’s eye view of how we teach and modify our sequences to suit different bodies. For a student, this  is a wonderful chance to completely transform himself with over 6 hours of daily  practice and study which Is rather impossible to do on his own in his regular habitat. 

The program is adapted and customised for individual student’s needs.