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Yogarambha was developed by our team, at Yogdham, Rohtak under the guidance of  our lead teacher Veer, who saw the discrepancy between the traditional yoga  approach and the modern lifestyle. Human body is made for continuous activity. As  our lifestyle coerced us to sit more and move less, the traditional yoga postures  became rather unapproachable. We at Yogarambha took to a rather simple approach  to the problem. With intelligent amalgamation of modern movement techniques with  ancient yogic principles, our method is an attempt to bridge this rapidly widening 



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We offer a wide array of programs on plethora of topics for both spectrum of students, those who want to begin their yoga practice right and those who want to practice advanced techniques safely. Additionally, our programs are customised to suit the needs of the niche groups who want to use the unique yogic techniques to refine and advance their skills.

5 Pillars of Yogarambha


The Yogarambha method stands primarily on five pillars: selfcare, strength, survival,  sustainability and spirituality.

Yogarambha Self Care
Self Care
Yogarambha Sustainability
Yogarambha Strength
Yogarambha Survival
Yogarambha Spirituality


Veer - Yogrambha Lead Teacher

Veer is a human physiology expert with 8000+ hours of teaching experience. In the span of his teaching career, he has shared his knowledge as a trainer in various disciplines. With over 800 hours of yoga & pranayama training behind him with some of the best teachers in the field, he has also explored body mechanics while training as CrossFit & Kettlebell coach, learning Tai Chi and becoming a certified Yoga Bodywork Practitioner. His understanding of movement application and the human body makes him an ace instructor. 

Claire - Yogarambha Instructor

With years of experience as a nurse volunteering with American Red Cross across various projects across south East Asia and an advanced Vinyasa teacher training in her kitty, Claire's perspective to vinyasa reflects both the healing and fun side of her. A dance-movement enthusiast and a mother of two, Claire, specialises in prenatal-postnatal yoga and yoga for women but her heart truly lies in teaching yoga for kids which she believes will change the fundamental way they grow up to perceive the world around them.

Priyanka - Yogarambha Instructor

Priyanka started her journey as ‘Yoga Acharya' traditional Hatha Yoga, from Sivananda Yoga tradition. Before long, her practice led her to Vinyasa method and she hasn’t looked back ever since. With her corporate and PR background, Priyanka has a unique way of simplifying tangled concepts to make it more approachable to students of all temperament. She has assisted and taught several Teacher's trainings in Madurai, Kerala and Uttarkashi and is currently studying Scriptures and Philosophy under her guru of Advaita Vedanta lineage.

Devesh - Yogarambha Instructor

Trained under Srivatsa Ramaswamy of Krishanamacharya Tradition, and forming the perfect blend between traditional yogic techniques and modern exercise physiology, Devesh’s style of teaching incorporates all facets of fitness and movement techniques to increase functional fitness and mobility with emphasis on posture alignment and endurance. He forms an instant connection with students of all temperaments and his positive outlook in life helps them find their space and practice, both on and off the mat. 

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Yogdham Rohtak


156, Vibhuti Complex, Delhi Road, near Raj Motors, Subhash Nagar, Rohtak, Haryana 124001, India

Email:  contact.yogarambha@gmail.com


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